This Codex sets out a set of values and principles that the signatory organisations adhere to in their work and achievement of goals.
This document seeks to establish a community of organisations that have clarified what their basic values are and what their meaning is, and voluntarily accepted to adhere to them.



Social change and non-profit

We believe that social change is the basis of our work. Ideas that guide us are not focused on personal gain but on the benefit of a larger group of people and society in general.

Respect for human rights

We believe that all citizens have the same human rights. We support the implementation of relevant international instruments on human rights, in particular the European Convention on Human Rights.

We believe that society should strive to provide equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, social background and social status, education, age, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic.


We believe that everyone has a personal responsibility to society, which is reflected through an active commitment to the values ​​we share and action for social change that we want to achieve.


Non-governmental and non-profit organisations are responsible for their work and results to the public, their customers, partners and the communities in which they work.


We apply the values ​​in practice

The ideas of social change that we advocate are reflected in practice, the way we work in order to achieve our objectives, the structure of the organisation, procedures and rules, towards persons who we recruit and hire, volunteers, citizens, partners and representation in public.

We truthfully present information concerning our work, activities and results.

We are independent

We are independent in making decisions and achieving our objectives, activities and programmes.

We do not accept liability to any person, organisation, institution or political party if they may affect independence in decision making.

We establish procedures and rules for preventing the decisions that are inconsistent with our values ​​or do not contribute to social change that we want to achieve.

We respect the law

We respect the rule of law in a country where we work. We respect laws, regulations and international agreements that are enforced in Serbia.

If we do not agree with laws, we do not violate or break them, but actively act to change them.

We provide the highest quality of management

We are committed to continuous improvement of best practices in managing our operations.

We believe that independent and voluntary institutions such as the management and supervisory boards play an important role in decision making and oversight of our actions, activities and results.

For members of the boards we choose competent, responsible and independent persons.

We have a clear conflict of interest policy

We are aware that each of us can, in the everyday work, get in situations where there are conflicts of interests.

We make effort in establishing procedures to all existing and potential conflicts of interest in order to recognise and prevent or correct them timely so that they do not harm the organisation, our customers, partners and associates in any situation.

Our work is public

We believe that we do our work for the citizens of Serbia.

We make available to the public all aspects of our work - activities, results or financial resources.

We are professional in carrying out activities

We are committed to continuous improvement of the quality of our work.

We hire competent people, we are up to date, informed and we respect the principles of good communication.

We fulfill promises and obligations, and we do not accept responsibilities for which we are not sure that we can fulfill them.

Principle in collecting funds

In raising funds we take into account the objectives, programmes and real needs and capacities of the organisation.

For funding, we only apply when it’s about activities that are consistent with our goals and programmes in order to perform them competently and efficiently.

Attitude to the funds that are entrusted to us

We treat the funds that are entrusted to us responsibly.

We carefully manage finances and pay attention to the efficiency and effectiveness.

We respect the people who work

We respect rights of our employees and we formulate internal documents, policies and procedures so that they comply with relevant national and international documents on human rights.

We treat staff and volunteers with respect and dignity, we care about health and social security, invest in their development to enable their potential, we strive to reward their efforts adequately.

We appreciate customers

We act professionally, friendly, politely and honestly toward people we work with, and we treat them with respect and dignity.

We have a clear communication and we are open about what we can and what we cannot do.

We involve them in the decision making process.

We make no distinction among them, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, social background and social status, education, age, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic.

We establish mechanisms that allow users to express an opinion about our work.

We respect the principles of good cooperation

We are guided by the principles of mutual appreciation and mutual respect and tolerance in communication and cooperation with organisations, institutions and individuals.

If we criticise their work, we do not use insults, lies or slander, and before rendering opinions we gather all of the information and make sure they are correct.

We pay special attention to respect these principles in communication and cooperation with other civil society organisations. We provide active support to all initiatives of civil society unless they are contrary to our values ​​and principles.

Organisation Civic Initiatives has invited civil society organisations to adopt the Code of Ethics of Civil Society Organisations in Serbia. Civic Initiatives will continue working on the improvement and promotion of the Code. Civil society organisation Link Plus adopted the Code of Ethics in October 2012.