Link Plus is a non-profit civil society organisation that brings together different stakeholders for the creation and implementation of quality public policies and systemic solutions to the problems through advocacy, monitoring and education.


Our vision is to create a modern society based on the rule of law, responsibility and knowledge.


Integrity, responsibility, sustainability, continuous learning, public dialogue, equality of all citizens before the law, solidarity.


The development of civil society based on the rule of law, good governance and citizen participation. Strengthening of democratic ideas and values. Citizen participation in the process of adopting regulations and decision-making, the process of creating and implementing public policies and reforms. The advancement of freedom of association and civic education. Strengthening civil society organisations, particularly in the European integration process, promoting activism in local communities and involvement in organizations aimed at democratization and development of Serbia. Informing citizens about the political process, strengthening public support for the process of public administration reform and European integration. The development of intercultural dialogue and fostering cultural diversity. Promoting a culture of peace and non-violent conflict resolution.

Establishing the rule of law in Serbia, good governance, modernisation and professionalisation of public administration, accountability and public integrity, accessibility of information, transparency and efficiency in the work of government, combating corruption. Transparency and the citizen participation in creating, adoption and implementation of the budget, accountability of government in the management of budget funds. Monitoring the work of state and local authorities, as well as the implementation and enforcement of regulations. Cooperation and partnership of public administration with the civil sector.

Respect for and protection of human rights, respect for diversity, fight against prejudice and discrimination. Improving the education of national minorities and marginalised communities. Gender equality, assistance and protection of women and children, the elderly and people with mental disabilities. Prevention of domestic violence and all other forms of violence, mobbing, manipulation and abuse. The work on the protection and improvement of the status of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The development of youth policy, improving the situation of young people, empowerment of youth for active participation in social processes.

The development of freedom of speech and freedom of the media, respect for professional standards and ethics of journalism.

Sustainable development as an integral economic, technological, cultural and social development in conformity with the needs of protection and improvement of the environment.

Economic empowerment of citizens and poverty reduction. The development of social entrepreneurship. Improving economic and social rights, living conditions, housing, health and infrastructure.

The development of agriculture and rural development, based on the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection, development of (rural) tourism.

The promotion, development and application of high standards and good practices in the field of consumer protection, food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy.

Capacity building of local government institutions for the implementation of public policies, creating conditions for more intensive local economic development.

Environment protection, commitment to change habits regarding the use and storage of natural resources and renewable energy, and in terms of dealing with waste materials. Creating the responsibility of Serbia and the wider community in the field of environmental protection. The strategic approach in the fight against climate change. Protection of nature and biodiversity.

The protection and welfare of animals, implementation, enforcement as well as the improvement of laws and other regulations in the field of the protection and welfare of animals (pets and abandoned pets, farm and working animals, wild and wild animals in captivity, experimental animals, and animals in the entertainment industry). System solution of the problem of abandoned pets in a humane and sustainable manner.


Analysis and policy papers writing
Campaigns and advocacy
Improving the legal framework and monitoring of the law implementation and enforcement
Education and training
Promotion of our values and objectives

Link Plus
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