Animal welfare in the Republic of Serbia is protected by laws and bylaws. European Conventions oblige Republic of Serbia to protect primarily the health, but also the welfare of animals.

Veterinary, phytosanitary and environmental standards, animal health and welfare and food and feed safety are among the most important topics of European integration. In the process, Serbian regulations have to be harmonised with EU regulations.

EU regulations:

biodiversityAnimal health and welfare: EU legislation

Environment and biodiversity: Biodiversity

Food and feed safety: Food and Feed Safety

Regulations of the Republic of Serbia:

The Criminal Code prohibits the abuse and the killing of animals which is not in accordance with the regulations. Violence prevention programmes must include measures of preventing the violence against animals.

  • Law on Public Order, Article 17 prohibits the abuse of animals (in public places), while prohibiting harassment and injury to another person. 

Local governments are obligated to adopt and implement stray animal population management programmes and local regulations related to keeping of pets and domestic animals. Most local governments did not adopt new local regulations after the adoption of the Animal Welfare Law in 2009. In addition, many new local regulations are not harmonised with new laws. Usually, local regulations cannot be found on official websites, and it is necessary to submit a request to obtain a copy of these bylaws.