In 1959, the so-called 3R rule (replace - reduce - refine) was established which means that studies must be designed in the way that experiments involving animals are only done when there is no valid alternative and they should use the minimal number of animals to obtain reproducible and statistically relevant results.

The Animal Welfare Act of the Republic of Serbia protects all animals that can feel pain, suffering, fear and stress, and thereby animals used for scientific, biomedical and educational purposes are legally protected. The Law says that an experimental animal is any living vertebrate and invertebrate, and their developmental forms that are intended subjects of the experiment.

The experiment on animals means the use of animals in experimental or other scientific purposes which may cause injury, pain, suffering, fear, and stress to the animal, to impair health and cause permanent or temporary disruption of physical, psychological, or genetic integrity of animals and animal death. 

One of the biggest problems in Serbia is the lack of the enforcement of adopted legislation and European standards, and therefore only a small number of institutions enrolled in the Registry of animal experiments after the entry into force of the relevant bylaws. Another serious problem is the lack of control of the implementation of regulations by the relevant Republic veterinary inspection.

We believe that the Ethics Council for the welfare of experimental animals, in order to improvement of experimental animals welfare, should establish cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development, Ministry of Health, civil society organisations and all other stakeholders.

The participation of skilled representatives of civil society organisations in the ethical committees for the experimental animals should provide an independent position in relation to the research institutions and the protection of the interests of the research, and mediation between the institutions and the public.

We promote and advocate the increasing of knowledge in the field of science, education, the adoption of new legal acts, the implementation of 3R principle, analysis of benefits and risks, investing in the development and implementation of alternative methods and the gradual reduction towards the total abolition of experiments on animals.